Travelling New Zealand

After spending 6 months in New Zealand  (June 2016-December 2016) on a working holiday visa with a mix of travelling and working, I instantly fell in love with the true beauty of this country.

Firstly we flew in to Auckland for a week  before jumping on the kiwi experience bus to travel the North Island ending in Wellington. It was amazing, it gave us an amazing experience as to what to expect in this country. New Zealanders or Kiwis as they are known are very friendly people and cherish the history and land that they live in. We then worked in the capital Wellington (windy wellington). If you have ever visited or lived here you will know why it got that name. Wellington is a beautiful location, we realized when we were on the bus that not many people stay long in this city but I recommend staying for at least a few days as there is quite a bit to do. After we finished working we headed back on the Kiwi Experience bus and headed to the South Island to continue with the fun and adventures that this country had to offer.

This is one of the things that I loved about Kiwi Experience, the fact that your ticket can last for up to 12 months and that you could hop on and hop off as many times as you liked. However make sure your ticket includes this as some of them don’t. Excellent flexibility if you are wanting to work and travel.

There are so many mixed views about Kiwi Experience but I could not fault them. As soon as we step in the country they welcomed us with open hands and helped us along our journey.

Its truly perfect, they stop at places/ little towns that you wouldnt even think about stopping if you were travelling alone. They know the go to places and always pick the best accommodation for you to stay in. They always guarantee you one nights accomadation if not more depending on the location. Its not always just your average, base or nomads. You actually stay in places that are owned by genuine people and you know that staying there means a lot more than if you just stayed at your average hostel. They also make sure you have the best experience whilst staying with them, offering home cooked meals at a low price to a variety of activities for you to participate in. The whole experience from jumping on the bus all the way to next location is perfectly planned and just keeps you on your toes to what else you are going to see on this beautiful island. 

The drivers themselves do an awesome job with informing you with certain history that happened many years ago whilst traveling through, and there knowledge will forever leave you blown away. You will honestly never meet anyone so passionate about there job more than these drivers themselves. 

Once arriving in the destination you are left to your own devices, if you wanna sleep, read, shop, eat, explore or have a few drinks you can, there is no one there to tell you you can or you cant. Remember its your holiday so whatever you fancy doing you can, the bus is simply there to make travelling that little bit easier and to take the stress off of you as its all planned. 

Throughout your journey in New Zealand you will begin to find yourself on the same bus everyday with the same driver and same travellers, this is where you will begin to connect with people and believe it or not they will make your travelling that even more better. You will be able to share your memories and stories with each other. There is no better friend than a traveller themselves. The majority of them will be the most genuine and kindest people you will ever meet. I dont know what it is but travelling really does change people, no matter how many people say it doesnt, trust me it really does. 

They have a number of passes to choose from travelling the North and South Island or just the North or just the South. They also offer add ons for the very top of the north, or even the very bottom of the sound. They really do cater for everyones need. For more indept information on these passes please head over to there website.

It was a once in a lifetime experience and I would 100% do it all over again. To me it was worth the money and a excellent way of seeing what this beautiful country had to offer. 

Thank you Kiwi Experience for making my time here in New Zealand, one of a kind. 

If you are wondering what we got up to in this beautiful country in more detail, stay tuned and or head over to “travel blogs” to see more of our adventures.  

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