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Hey Guys,

If you are a reader of maireadandapenn you are probably wondering what we are doing now. With a permeant desk, full time jobs and our wedding plans well under way you could say we are very content with life and busy writing our story. I want to give you a little inside on what it is I do and hopefully open your eyes to this incredible opportunity.

Whilst we were out in New Zealand I got talking to a girl called Lauren who opened my eyes up to network marketing. I had always heard about this kind of work, you know working from home, flexiable hours, all done over social media and I was always sceptical about it. However I was always taught to go for it, if it doesn’t work then at least you tried and if it works then it is a BONUS! After doing it for a month or so in New Zealand with my work hours it was too much and I was struggling to find time to do it. So i advised that the time wasn’t right for me and when I get back to the UK I might give it another go. Lauren was so understanding and supported me with my choice and advised she would be there if i ever needed anything.

Once home I found myself scrolling through job sites hour upon hour day upon day when I though to myself, as I am spending so much time on the web why not try and make some money from it. In which I did, I got back in touch with Lauren and she was over the moon to help me start again. A few months down the line she introduced me to the company I am with now and since then I have never looked back.

The opportunity within this company is amazing. We are currently in Pre Launch and I know when that day arrives the UK it is not going to know what has hit it. The team isn’t just a standard team, your not competing against each other, your actually working with each other to get the best out of everyone and within that you find the best in you. The training provided from our up lines is just out of this world and is always supporting and congratulation you in your achievements. Except from Lauren I have never met any of the team but they feel like family. Something I think you will only understand if you work within Network Marketing.

There is 7 ways of earning and you get paid every Friday. I currently have a full time job and do network marketing as well. But my up lines only do network marketing, they have a family, house and live off of what they earn, imagine having that life. No alarm, no Monday feeling, no 9-5 and payed not once but four times a month.
I know it is hard to believe but this is the truth behind this business.
It is early days for me at the moment but my goal is to do this full time and help people like me and you get there.

The ranks in this company is insane and easy to get to as long as you work hard and remain determined. I am currently RUBY with my next being EMERALD in which I hope to get there by the end of the year. The support you receive to get you to your next goal is insane. Through Lauren I met Ami who is Laurens Up line. With Lauren being in New Zealand the time difference can be such an inconvenience when we want to talk business. So I started talking to Ami and I am so grateful I did. With her support, training and guidance I wouldn’t be where I am now, and I will always be thankful to both Ami and Lauren for opening me to this incredible opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong there has been times where I have just wanted to give up, but I wouldn’t be any better off. Network Marketing isn’t for everyone and it definitely doesn’t happen over night but if you are willing to work at something and give it your all then once that happens you can sit back and say I told you so and believe me that is exactly what I will be doing. I have only been in the company for 4 months I have been promoted twice and my earnings have been unreal. With saving for a wedding and a house at the same time it can be stressful but being with this company and earning money from being on social media as enabled me to be able to do things I still want to do without having to worry about money.

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and will continue to share this opportunity with anyone that wants to join. Whilst reading this, how long have you been on your phone? Imagine you earnt £50 profit in that time. Don’t believe it is possible? Believe this, I was sat in Amsterdam airport waiting for the gate to open and I earnt £165.

An opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. So what if this one opportunity could change your life?

This is my journey so far with this amazing opportunity. If you want to know more information regarding products or even joining my team, Get in Touch.


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