Home For Good

Guess you are all wondering the same thing; Why have you come home? Did they not like it? Is it really worth traveling? Did we miss home?

I am going to explain all of it to you.

We had always planned to come home late 2016. Doing one Christmas away from home was enough for me. I hated it. Everyone always says how nice a Christmas would be somewhere hot, by the beach. Well I did it and I hated it. It just wasn’t the same. Not the traditional Christmas you would expect. Its seems silly, but I like Christmas with the fire roaring away, the traditional Christmas dinner and being surrounded by family. To me that is what Christmas is all about family. With the months leading up to Christmas we were trying to figure out what our next move would be. Would we go home just for a couple of weeks or so and then fly back? Would we go elsewhere? Or would we stay at home?

After months of talking and working out what our money situation would be because obviously things in life are not free. We decided to end our journey in New Zealand at Christmas. This was sad because it is such a beautiful country and we had made our own little ‘Wellington Family’. People that have been or are travelling themselves will realise that the people you meet become ‘family’ very quickly. You end up being together 24/7 and they end up knowing you more than anyone else ever has. It was sad to say goodbye because you had met people that at that time had such a huge part of your life and knowing that you may never seen them again was disappointing. No matter how long you have been traveling it will never get any easier saying goodbye, it still sucks.

As coming home was a surprise it was so hard to keep quiet. We arrived home on the 23rd December and my uncle came to pick us up. To say it was weird to see him after all this time was correct. I had to keep pinching myself. I was back in the UK. I couldn’t quite believe it. I was going to see my family after all this time. Once arriving back at my nans it was like I had never gone. House was exactly the same, the streets and surrounding areas exactly the same from when I had left it back in July 2015. Jet lag definitely had the better of us and it took us a while to settle back in to this time zone. 2 days had passed and it was Christmas day. The day that I had longed for, I was finally seeing my family. I felt so sick, it seems stupid to say but I did. I was so worried and scared I guess you could say. I was scared to see my own family. We had left the house and awaited for there arrival. I had planned to facetime them Christmas afternoon as all the family would be together and I could wish them all a Merry Christmas. And that’s what we did, except surprised them in person.

There reaction was priceless. They did not even recognise me and me and Kai finally got to meet our nephew after so long. He was everything I could imagine and I was so happy that I could finally get the cuddle I had been wanting since he was born.

The next 10 days were hectic, seeing friends and family. Before we knew it we were back on the plane heading to our next destination Bangkok.

I guess what I am trying to tell you is that no matter how far away you are or how long you go away for, you will always need your family. The love you have for them is truly unconditional and this is something you don’t appreciate until they are no longer around or in arms reach.

Didn’t we like it?

We LOVED it! We would do it all over again if we got the opportunity to. It was incredible. Just to see a part of the world that once upon a time people didn’t or couldn’t. The place where people dream about. We got to experience it first hand, live the way that they do, adapt our life style to fit into there country. It was such a learning experience for us both and I am so grateful that we both got to experience it hand in hand. Me as a person I feel like I have learnt and gained so much knowledge that I know I would have never of gained sitting on my arse in the same country for 25+ years. The question we heard the most was you are crazy for coming back. I sit here writing this and I think to myself why did we come home? But the reason why we had was because it was time to head back to the country which is home. Our relationship and mind set was now at a stage where we didn’t want to live out of a suitcases and actually wanted to be in a place for a longer period of time and not having to keep a tab on when our visa runs out. We wanted a place to call home. So here we are back in the UK trying to start over yet again.

Another sim card, Another House, Another CV, Another Job.

Here we go!